Here at TNJ Consulting we have over 30 years of sales experience in the automotive and marine industry.  We understand the importance of the individual sales consultant and the small business owner.

We are not offering you any new great way of "selling," we simply just want you to have every edge and tool at your disposal to achieve what you want.

Our goal is to give this to you at an affordable price. In all the years that I spent in dealerships I have heard many people come in and tell me that they had the new latest and greatest way to sell, and a few months later someone else would come in and give the same speech but their way was the latest and greatest. When it comes down to it sales is something that you either have or do not.  Like I said, We are not telling you we have the newest, latest, greatest way to sell, we just want to afford you another tool to help.

Thank You

TNJ Consulting